Weaving Accessibility into Workflows

April 22, 2024

Cari Watterton

Cari Watterton

Senior Accessibility Designer

11:50  -  12:20

 Accessibility helps more people play our games, but it also takes an army! So how can you take your passion, and train people across disciplines to make more inclusive choices? This talk will enable you to run your own workshops to boost accessibility in your studio.
Accessibility Designer, Cari Watterton, created Inclusive Design Workshops, inspired by Xbox’s Inclusive Design Sprints, to train developers at Rebellion to consider accessibility throughout development in a way that is cost effective but still impactful. This awareness across disciplines helps to foster an inclusive design mindset and avoid unintentional barriers in our games.

Cari’s talk covers the creation and content of the cross-discipline workshops, the feedback and development that Rebellion went through to create an engaging and fun learning experience, and the result and impacts that the training has had on our staff and our workflows.