The Europe 2022 event follows a hybrid format. The same stream+Discord format as the past couple of years, but with an additional in-person event alongside.


The talks are scheduled for UK timezones, spread over two short days to maximise time-zone crossover. They will be broadcast on Zoom, from 10am to 5.30pm BST each day (9am – 4.30pm CET, 3pm – 10.30pm ET, 6pm – 1.30am PST)

They are also simulcast to Youtube on the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG’s channel. Zoom offers the better viewing experience, with flexible captions and interpreting. The YouTube stream is primarily a re-windable backup for people who aren’t able to catch some of the sessions live.

Remote networking

Networking is via discord only (the chat functionality for Zoom and YouTube will not be enabled). The link to the Discord will be sent to registered attendees only. If you have any problems accessing, contact us.

In-person event

A two day gathering for face to face networking, with talks streamed to the venue. Attendance includes lunches and a closing evening drinks reception until 7pm on the first day.

The venue is the Coin Street Conference Centre, on London’s South bank. Easily accessible from Heathrow and Gatwick via Paddington, Victoria and Blackfriars.


COVID safety remains a priority for us. Attendance at the in-person even is conditional to proof of vaccination AND proof of a negative test, and attendance is strictly capped at 75 attendees.

But we are aware that no event can be fully COVID safe, and that a significant number of our regular attendees are still unable to attend physical events. So the balance between in-person and online has been designed to ensure that it is not weighted towards one or the other, the in-person event is essentially an extension of Discord.


While Zoom and Discord are not perfect, they offer a more accessible experience than their competitors. As part of this we’ll be using Zoom’s functionality to provide full live captioning and ASL interpreting for all talks, and our speakers are provided with guidance on producing accessible presentations.

The physical event is spread across multiple rooms on the lower ground floor, accessible by 90cm width lift. There is a main event space, separate areas for catering and evening reception, and a dedicated quiet room. Weather permitting we also have access to outdoor roof space. Parking is available on the lower ground floor, with entry directly into the event lobby. Assistants attend for free but must register, please contact us for a 100% discount code to use for their registration.



See you there!

GAconf Europe 2022

April 24th-25th 2023

Coin Street Conference Centre, London