James Rath

James Rath
Content Producer

James Rath is a legally blind content creator who pursued his passion for visual storytelling in part thanks to accessible technology such as the Mac, and iPhone. As an avid traveler, James documents his experiences of accessible adventures. On his YouTube channel, he’s personally interviewed Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, discussing the company’s values and history of creating accessible products. He has shared the stage at E3 with other accessibility advocates and representatives of Microsoft and Sony. He was an accessibility play tester for The Last of Us Part 2, which went on to be an award winning accessible title. His commercial films that promote authentic casting for the disability community have been awarded three Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising awards. Through his videos and documentaries, he aims for the audience to see different.

The Spectrum of the Gamer’s POV
October 12, 2021
14:05  -  14:20