Cherry Thompson (cherryrae)

Cherry Thompson
Accessibility Specialist

Cherry Thompson is a games accessibility consultant/developer with a keen focus in systems design and user experience. They have a background in photography and film production. After a 12 year career in these fields, physical disability led them to shift focus and adapt to a new path. Cherry’s disabilities have allowed them to specialize in accessibility and they’ve consulted on projects of various sizes from small indie developments to larger studios such as Guerrilla Games (Horizon Zero Dawn), Media Molecule (Dreams), Crystal Dynamics (Marvel’s Avengers), Ubisoft and more. Their consulting expertise includes workshops, accessibility audits and sensitivity checks followed up by design collaboration and meetings.

Cherry is also autistic with adhd, so to their complete surprise, they’ve been a successful public speaker at GDC18/19, Microsoft Bootcamp, PAX, a11yTO and internal to many studios. This was all thanks to a gentle push from their favourite GA Conf to begin speaking at their events. They have a passion for making both games and the industry inclusive of everyone. Their hobbies include cake eating, bird watching and adventuring with their one eyed cat, Odin.