Barrie Ellis


Barrie has been working in the field of game accessibility since 1994, specialising in hardware and single input (one switch) gaming. He directs OneSwitch and works part time for the gaming charity SpecialEffect as their Technical Specialist.

Some of his work includes modifying and building hardware (including one of the earliest Playstation assistive technology controllers), running an AT loan-library and donation system, founding and running, contributing to guidelines and best practices (inc. the IGDA game accessibility SIG’s top ten guidelines, the SIG’s guidelines for consoles/platforms,, and internal publisher guidelines), training, consulting and speaking, curating road shows, supporting and judging events, and successfully planning and lobbying for expansions of iOS’ accessibility functionality.

He is also writing a book on game accessibility history and one-switch gaming. One day it will be finished.

Accessible Gaming History: Lucky Dip
March 19, 2018
Creativity Theater
10:40am  -  11:10am