Barrie Ellis

Technical Specialist

Barrie Ellis wears two hats. Sometimes more. Although hats do not suit him in general. Head shape.

Hat A: SpecialEffect Technical Specialist: Supporting SpecialEffect since the very early days in 2007, building their first accessible gaming “road show” set-ups with training for volunteers, onto becoming a long-term member of this brilliant charity.

Hat B: Director: Focussing on one-switch and other accessible gaming solutions, determined to carry on earlier work (such as his 1996 Playstation switch interface with co-pilot and remapping). Website up in 2002 selling accessible gaming equipment and sharing free ideas, games and DIY guides.

Supporting the likes of the IGDA GASIG, Game Accessibility Guidelines and others ever since. Co-inventor of the Game Control Mixer and One Switch Pulse systems. With either hat on, keen to support anyone unable to play the games they want to. Happy to see the game accessibility movement become so much stronger over the years.

Hobbies: Writing a book, One Switch 100, at a snail’s pace. Curating old accessible gaming history. Building a garage arcade.

October 21, 2019
15:15  -  15:30