Pausing and Peering Into the Distance

October 11, 2021

Cherry Thompson

Cherry Thompson

Accessibility Project Manager

10:50  -  11:20

Join Cherry in meta-thinking about our approaches as an industry. We’ll look backwards, sideways, and inwards because ultimately, design is about so much more than “accessibility options”.

Cherry’s trying to slow down and take stock of their years with game accessibility; what came before and what undoubtedly lies ahead. This is difficult work! The nature of games almost goes against the goal of “accessible”. Without “barriers”, would it be a game?

To find the answer we need to figure out what the heck challenge is. Or, even what “accessibility” is.

We’ve done a lot! So, it’s time to check the map and make sure we’re heading in the right direction. After all, we have no waypoints!! It’s OK to stop running for a second and catch our breath together.