Empower Us! Including Players with Mobility Disabilities

October 22, 2018

Ollie Britton (BatlerGaming)

Advocate & streamer

Cherry Thompson (cherryrae)

Advocate & streamer

Nu McAdam

Animator & Advocate

Vivek Gohil

Disability & Assistive Tech Consultant, Muscle ambassador

12:20  -  13:00
Main theatre

Join a panel of four subject matter experts with various types of motor disability as we give you insight into what it’s like to game with our particular disabilities, what our greatest barriers are and what we most want to see for the future of games. The inclusion of all disabled players starts and ends with empowerment, and that’s especially true for physical disabilities.

We aim to leave you with personal anecdotes, your new BFFs (expert contacts) and even a little practical advice for how to accommodate a wide variety of disability for the games we love.