I Took an Arrow in the Knee but I’m Still an Adventurer

October 22, 2018

Cherry Thompson (cherryrae)

Advocate & streamer

17:10  -  17:50
Main theatre

As the industry moves towards a more inclusive and diverse future, disability representation in games still has a long way to go. Cherry takes their passion for diversity in games and experience within the disability community to explore why representation is so powerful, why we keep getting it so wrong and how we might be able to do better in the future.

‘Hear it from the horse’s mouth!’ is a phrase Cherry would love a lot more if it didn’t mean they were a horse. It’s important and ultimately really valuable to center the voices of marginalized people in discussions of diversity and representation because this brings unique insights to the table.

The aim is for this presentation to not only be valuable to artists, writers and narrative designers but to the full spectrum of games development. Be prepared for some personal anecdotes and take-away ideas to get the industry moving in the right direction for positive inclusion of disabled players of all kinds.