Finding The Sweet Spot Between Bored and Overwhelmed

March 18, 2019

Shell Little

Digital Accessibility Specialist

11.40  -  12.20

For someone with an attention related disability, fun is had when activities live in the space between boring and overwhelming. That “Sweet Spot” is critical when we are talking about playability and most importantly, the enjoyability of video games. Too overstimulating and the game can cause harm, too boring and the game becomes another unbearable chore. In this talk, Shell Little, an Accessibility Specialist with ADHD, will discuss the different elements that can make or break a game for someone with a range of Cognitive Disabilities and why she probably hasn’t played your favorites. Attendees will leave this talk with not only a better understanding of common barriers experienced by people with Cognitive Disabilities but also concrete examples of ways to help users find their own “Sweet Spot”.