AbleGamers: Making Communities and Gaming More Accessible for Disabled Players

October 9, 2023

Craig Kaufman

Sr. Director of Community & Inclusion

15:15  -  15:45

Join us for a dynamic 30-minute session that unveils the impactful work of the AbleGamers organization. We’ll provide an insightful overview of their current roles and groundbreaking initiatives aimed at making gaming accessible to all. Discover how AbleGamers is breaking barriers and redefining the gaming landscape.

In this session, we’ll also shine a spotlight on AbleGamers’ upcoming community building programs that promise to foster inclusion and connection within the gaming world. From inclusive gaming events to supportive communities, you’ll learn how these initiatives are set to make gaming a more welcoming space for everyone. Moreover, we’ll explore the vital role that developers play in supporting AbleGamers’ mission by proactively sharing game accessibility information. Gain insights into how the gaming industry can collaborate to make gaming a universally enjoyable experience. Join us for this enlightening session and be part of the journey toward a more accessible and inclusive gaming world.